What is it and why do Wing Chun practitioners emphasize the importance in being proficient in it?

It can be defined as “rolling hands” or “sticky hands”. It’s the ability to move and flow with your opponent in the attempt to take advantage, trap and hit your opponent. And Chi Sao is different across the lineages but it all serves the same purpose. Structure, rooting and forward pressure on your opponent are all key factors for being successful in this exchange. In this sensitivity drill, once one feels the slightest weakness in the opponents structure or pressure, one must take advantage of it immediately instead of waiting.

This was my first chi sao competition in Wing Chun. It was an eye opener as I am currently learning is a bit fast-paced and more direct than the flowing and following style in the ICMAC competition. The adjustment wasn’t too difficult but I did have to pull a lot of attacks and just simply rely on deflection and techniques in order to continue the flow. .

Great experience though and my opponent was great as well.

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