Sifu Garret Brumfield, Chief Martial Arts Instructor at Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Sifu Garret Brumfield

•Black Sash Instructor
Full Contact Sanda Champion
4x Lineage Certified under Sifu Och
•Certified by World Wing Tsun Athletic Assoc.

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Sifu Garret Brumfield, Chief Martial Arts Instructor


We focus on encouraging children and adults families in our martial arts classes. Our self-defense classes will help you build confidence as well as help to increase your cardio and fitness. Our supportive community is here to help YOU attain any goals you set your mind to.

Wing Chun Kung Fu offers a practical and effective approach to self-defense, focusing on simplicity, economy of motion, and practical techniques. It’s important to remember that while martial arts can provide valuable skills for self-defense, avoiding dangerous situations and prioritizing personal safety should always be the first line of defense.

Why Tampa Wing Chun?

A| Our classes are geared towards strengthening one’s self-confidence and cardio. We will build you up as you progress through the planes of development in our Wing Chun system. Previous knowledge of any martial art or fighting experienced is not necessary or required.

B| We do not do any flashy or aerial acrobatic moves that you may see in mainstream TV and film. We’re here to help you achieve your goals in self-defense, overall health and improved reaction in a realistic situation.

C| Anyone can learn Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sheer power and force can be easily overcome by redirecting energy and aggressive attacks. There is no need to feel intimidated or inadequate.

Joining Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu means becoming part of a supportive community. You’ll train alongside like-minded individuals who share a passion for martial arts and personal growth. The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow practitioners create a positive and motivating training environment.

Tampa Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu follows the traditional teachings and principles of the art. By training in a traditional martial art, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of its rich history and philosophy, enhancing your overall martial arts experience.


Adult Wing Chun
Kicboxing & Fitness
Parent/Child Martial Arts

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu, Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Fight Strategies for Self-Defense

Fighting may evoke negative connotations, but it is essential to recognize that knowing how to defend oneself is a valuable skill for personal safety.

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu, Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Power of Martial Arts in Mind, Body and Spirit

Martial arts extends far beyond physical combat. Its impact encompasses personal development, emotional well-being, character building, and social integration.

Teenager in Martial Arts class at Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Teenagers and Martial Arts

It’s important for teenagers to train under proper instruction to ensure their safety. Teenagers can benefit greatly from practicing Wing Chun martial arts.

Situational Awareness Self-Defense

Self-Defense Tips to protect Yourself and Loved Ones

The article emphasizes the importance of self-defense beyond physical strength, highlighting the significance of situational awareness and mental preparedness.

Martial Arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu Cantonese Characters

Why Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun utilizes simple and direct movements allowing practitioners to generate power without relying solely on strength.

Bong Lop Drill during Martial Arts class, Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Martial Arts Power

Here’s a quick article on the aspect of Power in Martial Arts.

Essence of Martial Arts, Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Essence of Martial Arts

The essence of martial arts lies in the development of physical and mental discipline, self-defense skills, and personal growth.

Sifu Och, Martial Arts Instructor in Cambodia

Sil Lim Tao in Cambodia

Sil Lim Tao The Sil Lim Tao is the foundational form in the Wing Chun martial art system. It is...
Martial Arts Student at Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Student Feature: Jacob C.

Jacob C. is a martial arts student at Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu, Martial Arts and Self-Defense

My thoughts on Wing Chun

Many lineages differ in style, approach and dogma in Wing Chun. Therefore what I impart in this article may or may be widely accepted.

Different Martial Arts, Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

What martial art & why?

The choice of which martial art to pursue depends on various factors, including your personal goals, interests, and physical capabilities.

Martial Arts, Chi Sao competition for Wing Chun Kung Fu

Chi Sao

Chi Sao, often referred to as “sticky hands,” is a unique training exercise in martial arts, particularly in Wing Chun and other related styles.

Martial Arts growth for Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

How to grow in your Martial Art?

Only through practical application, practice and constant sparring will you be able to apply what you’ve learned and grow in martial arts and self-defense.

Martial Arts, Tampa, Ip Man, Modern day Father of Wing Chun Kung FuLineage

There are several lineages in Wing Chun, each with its own unique characteristics and teachings. Some well-known lineages include Yip Man (Ip Man). He was one an influential figure in popularizing Wing Chun in the 20th century.


Each lineage has its own approach and interpretation of Wing Chun techniques, training methods, and philosophies. It’s important to note that while they may have slight variations, the core principles and concepts of Wing Chun remain consistent. Students often choose a lineage based on personal preferences, the availability of instructors, and the opportunity to learn from respected masters.


My lineage, like anyone else’s stems from the same origins. Wing Chun practitioners just have different interpretations on execution of the forms and how we fight.  What really matters though is how effective are our interpretations in a fighting situation.

Regardless of lineage, the goal of martial artists is to develop efficient techniques, enhance self-defense skills, and cultivate personal growth through the practice of this martial art.

Tampa Wing Chun Kung FuMoy Yat Ip Chun Simon Lau Ip Ching
I am a 4th generation instructor in the Ip Man lineage. My Sifu (Justin Och) was taught in the lineages shown above. He’s travelled extensively seeking out more knowledge in Wing Chun. We increase our Wing Chun knowledge database by refining our techniques. I have not and will never buy my way into any well-known sifu’s organization for the sake of affiliation or a want to belong. The knowledge I have gained is thru my merit and hard work only.

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