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I’m definitely not known for being of a philosophical mind but a recent conversation via Instagram prompted me to give advice when it’s needed. No matter what martial arts you are in, you have to grow. If your sifu or sensei does not encourage you to go out and seek more knowledge and training, then they are limiting your growth and progress.

Your instructor’s knowledge won’t be your shield in a life or death situation and I’m pretty sure your assailant won’t give two flicks about what your instructor’s philosophy is. Only through practical application, practice and constant sparring will you be able to apply what you’ve learned. Also, go out and seek knowledge and information that may (or may not) be useful to you. It opens your mind to information that you instructor may not be aware. And don’t be stingy with new information. Share it with you instructor. They put the time and effort into you, so you should show respect and do the same.

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