We had another successful venture to the Eastern United States International Martial Arts Association. It was a not only a great time to fellowship with other martial artists from around the world, but we gained a wealth of knowledge during the seminars given by various masters of their respective art.

The event is held every year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in November and has been going strong for 26 years. Unlike many other associations, you must invited by a good-standing member of the organization.

As in previous years, we were invited to give a seminar on our Wing Chun techniques. Last year’s seminar featured a demo on Wing Chun weapons: the long pole and butterfly swords. This was very informative and much appreciated by the attendants.  This year, focused on hand-to-hand combat with some very nice take downs.  We started off the seminar with a few fast-paced demos and then began the instructional part of the seminar with basic Wing Chun entry moves from our demo.

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Here is a short trailer of our 2012 Seminar at the Black Belt Hall of Fame