This year’s ICMAC tournament was a big success for Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu. Ryan competed in his first full-contact fighting event and placed second.  His match went the full three rounds and both competitors left it all in the ring.

Ryan during his sanda fight, ICMAC 2016

Ryan during his sanda fight, ICMAC 2016

Unfortunately, I was not able to fight this year and was slightly disappointed. My opponent made it to the weigh-ins the night before however, he did not show up for the fight the next day. I was awarded the championship belt but of course, given the belt was very bittersweet.

I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s ICMAC competition. More students from Tampa Wing Chun are planning to enter the sanda competition and are already training.

If you are interested in training in wing chun and have aspirations to fight in a competition, contact me at (813) 922-8261 or email