To say that I’ve acquired a family here at Tampa Wing Chun is an understatement.  I’ve managed to help mold a diverse group of individuals who’s goal is to become martial artists. In doing so, we’ve developed a close-knit network that’s growing being bounds and I can only see this become bigger each and every day.

I’m relatively new to being a martial arts instructor and in less than four years of doing this, I’ve had a considerable amount of ups, downs and numerous disappointments that have distracted me.  I couldn’t have imagined getting to this point and looking back, I’m glad the spirit of hope and determination outweighed that of despair.

tampa-wing-chun-kung-fu-sanda-fighting-768x508Today, Tampa Wing Chun will be going to Orlando for the International Chinese Martial Art’s Competition (ICMAC), July 8-10. Our main focus is the Chinese Sanda competition. I’ve competed twice and have won both. I will be competing again and most importantly, one of my students will be competing in his first ever fight in the ring. I’m very excited to see hard work and determination pay off and pave the way for a future fight team for Tampa Wing Chun for many more competitions as we can be apart of.

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